Cholle Bhature

Most popular Punjabi dish which is loved by everyone.

Dahi Wada

All time favourite of every perosn.

Rava Dosa

Most healthy breakfast meal.

Pav Bhaji

The most favourite food among adults and kids

Paper Dosa

Jalapeños, bell pepper, mushroom & coriander.

Sabudana Wada

Well suited for fasting

Tangy Panner Pizza

We serve all types of pizza


Corn Seek Kabab

Hara Bara Kabab

Tandoor Platter

Lasooni Paneer

Vegetable Handi

A vegetable delicacy

Palak Paneer

Veg Bhuna

Baby Corn Mushroom Masala


Banana Milk Shake

Favourite among kids

Chocolate Milk Shake

All time favourite

Mango MilkShake


Mixed Fruit Smoothie

Mixed Fruit Juice

Refreshing Drink

Sweet Lime Juice

Refreshing Juice

Sweet Lassi

Summer Soothing Drinks

Orange Juice

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