We believe everyone deserves authentic, natural, delicious and Healthy food. We celebrate cooking and deliver  wholesome meal experience to all foodies.We give our  magical touch to the quality ingredients in our kitchen and bring together all the goodness required to make the eaters enjoy great food in every bite and relish our recipes and experience a ultimate dining experience.

Our passion for cooking has been developed with thorough research, we understood that for millions of people cooking is a tiresome process due to hassles like planning, shopping, and use of proper proportions of ingredients. People want to munch healthy food. So  we have cut down this hassle  by bringing a delicious meal to your doorstep as and when required. 

By using farm-fresh ingredients and magical spices we bring to you an array of snacks, salads, soups, south Indian dishes, north Indian dishes and many more. All of us in today’s world have so much on  their platter  that it becomes hard to prioritize everything. No matter how busy we are, we shouldn’t have to compromise on our nutrition. Finding healthy, sustainable and delicious meal while matching our lifestyle should be easy. And now it is! Shriniwas Veg has made it easy to heat-and-eat delicious, high quality, prepared meals that can be delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is heat, eat and enjoy. Relax and  ponder about what you’re going to do with all that extra time in hand!

The meals that we eat are choices we make to not only fulfill hunger, but to add on to our health physically, mentally, and even spiritually. When we eat better and more in line with our needs, our bodies react less to allergies and we feel good. And Shriniwas Veg  proves that we can attain the best health by eating the things we love.

Well, at times it also happens that neither we want to cook nor we like to eat at home. Do not worry! For such special occasions, we readily book a table for you at your favorite restaurant. We also do group bookings for you that include large table bookings, banquets booking, party and get together booking etc.

We are a “One stop solution” to your entire dining requirements. Reach to us now with all your needs.

Shriniwas Veg is always at your service to cater your food desires and provide you with a sumptuous food experience...

Come and enjoy the best food in town at Shriniwas Veg...